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Quick Terms & Conditions

Payment is due on booking, When making block bookings, the full payment is required at the time of making the booking.

If you need to cancel or amend a booking, please let us know as soon as possible so that the slot can be made available for others.

Refunds cannot be offered unless your space can be filled.

Bookings are non-transferable. The booking is for 1 dog and 1 handler. Extra trail layers can attend (COVID permitting, however please notify us of this on your booking)

Please do not bring dogs with potentially contagious illnesses/infections.

Please make us aware of any behaviour issues/ health concerns and/or allergies for your dog. In addition if you have any medical conditions we should be aware of.

You are fully aware that you are participating in this sport at your own risk, and you will not hold Sniff and Trail UK responsible for any injuries caused to yourself or your dog(s).

Full Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions to our business

The terms and conditions are in effect immediately when signing up for any session with Sniff and Trail UK


1. Booking

All payment is due at time of booking.  Places are only secure with full payment and client registration form completed.


2. Cancellation Policy

Cancellations for training sessions, workshops and classes are non refundable once booked.  If however your place can be backfilled in a class that has not yet begun, you will be offered an alternative date. 

  • 1-1’s require 72 hours notice for the place to be moved to an alternative date. No cash alternative.  Less than 72 hours notice, but more than 48 hours notice, no alternative date but 50% off next booking, less than 48 hours: no alternative date offered, no reduction in next booking.   

In the case that the attendee or their dog becomes ill and they cannot attend, with proof of doctors or veterinary note we can transfer a place to another date if the set of classes have not yet begun.  Alternatively if the place is backfilled by the client this may be transferred or an alternative handler can be used. 

  • For sessions where clients are more than 20 minutes late for 1-1’s or not in for scheduled home visits, no session will be offered on that day.  No refund or alternative date will be offered.


Bitches in season

Please do not bring your in season bitch to a group session.  Where possible we will send out the session/class information and catch you up prior to the next class.  Unfortunately if some in person time is missed, this is unavoidable.  For mantrialing, please discuss with us (as fit dogs may be able to trail at the end of the session, however some prefer to remain at home during this time) No cash refunds offered – alternative dates accommodated (within next 2 months) where possible.

Please note : special events or hosted guest trainer events are NON REFUNDABLE unless we can fill your place, regardless of notice given or reason.


3. Weather / Illness

In the event that training sessions or workshops are cancelled due to weather conditions (including too hot/cold/windy/snow) where possible (ie scent work) this can be scheduled to be undertaken online.  If this is available via zoom and is completed, no alternative date will be offered.  In the event that this is not possible (ie mantrailing) the session will be rescheduled or attendees will be ‘credited’ the session fee to use within 2 months.

Notice of cancellation of a class will be made via text message/and or email giving as much prior notice as possible.  Please check this regularly if the conditions are of concern.  In the event that the session goes ahead, but attendees choose not to attend, no alternative date will be offered.

On the rare event that the venue might need to change, you will be notified by text message with as much notice as possible – please keep phone numbers up to date and phones on hand.

No refunds are given for non-attendance to training sessions, classes or workshops which are ongoing.


4. Partaking in a session

All clients must complete a registration form.  It is your responsibility to outline any health or behaviour issues for yourself or your dog which could affect the session planning. 

At home sessions (online class, or 1-1’s) Sniff and Trail UK accepts no liability for any damages, injuries or accidents whilst you are training your dog at home.  You are responsible to ensure the safety of yourself and others (including your dog) during these sessions.

We advise that dogs attending our sessions are up to date with vaccines or titre testing, but do not request proof of this.  You accept that by attending these events you take full responsibility for the health of your dog and attend at your own risk.  Sniff and Trail UK accept no responsibility for any accidents or ill health.

We DO NOT accept the use of :

  • Choke or check chains
  • Prong or pinch collars
  • Electric shock collars
  • Retractable leads in sessions

In addition, we DO NOT support the promotion or use of

  • Rattle bottles or cans
  • Water guns or sprays
  • Any other aversive tool used for fear or punishment

We DO NOT support the use of :

  • Pushing dogs
  • Jerks or yanks
  • Pulling dogs
  • Smacks, taps or finger pressure
  • Pinning dogs down

Our training is all in line with the promotion of positive reinforcement.  We are aligned to such governing organisations and will comply with their codes of conduct and care to dogs. Clients who are not open to this form of training and choose to use any of the list above will be asked to leave  In this instance no alternative dates will be offered. We reserve the right to refuse training to anyone


Approved Kit

  • Flat collars
  • Training leads
  • Y shaped harness (non restrictive recommended)
  • Food rewards
  • Toys and tuggies (including balls)
  • Clickers

Please dress for the weather and ground. 

  • Waterproofs, coats, hats, gloves in winter.  This might also mean a coat for your dog.
  • Sun hats, cream etc for summer
  • Sensible full shoes in all weather


5. Behaviour in a session

  • We would love all our clients to get the most out of sessions.  In a class environment, we request all clients allow each other to obtain time and teaching with the trainer and are respectful to each other and their dogs.
  • Please give other dogs space and do not allow your dog to jump up at another person or over crowd any other dog.
  • Please pick up/wipe up after your dog and be prepared to take this away with you and dispose of away from the training venue if there is not bins provided.
  • All dogs must be allowed breaks, time to toilet and drink water. Sessions are mentally tiring, we will advise you on when to take breaks, but feel free to rest your dog as required also in between.
  • Attendees are not to recommend training advice or equipment within sessions.  Only the trainer will advise on techniques or specific equipment for each dog.
  • Please remember all your kit, including high value food/toys
  • Please note, we do not work with dogs with a history of human aggression or bite history


6. Liability and insurance

Sniff and Trail UK does not take any responsibility for any illness, accident or harm done to person or dog, building or vehicle including personal belongings during their session.  It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct insurance to cover your dog. 

Sniff and Trail UK will ensure all precautions are taken to avoid injury during their sessions but accepts no responsibility resulting form any dogs actions. 


7. Session length

Session times are given in an approximate and not guaranteed to last as long as or end exactly on the end time.  Mantrailing is dependant on the trails so could be shorted with less participants.  Scent work sessions in class or workshops could finish before or just after.  Dogs will only be worked within their capacity in sessions.  This may mean you leave with ‘homework’ or follow on tasks to complete at home or on the next session. No extra time, nor refund is offered upon completion of the session. Clients who are late to a group class will have to join at the time they attend.  The client is not eligible to make up for any missed hours or days due to this.

Engagement from you dog is not guaranteed. We train the dog in front of us, and do not force them.  Sniff and Trail UK offers no guarantee of success.  Training is time and commitment.  We can teach techniques but offer no money back guarantee. 

Sniff and Trail UK will apply professional judgement and cut short any training session or workshop if necessary.  This is including but not exclusive to

  • Weather conditions
  • Personal safety
  • Dog’s exhaustion
  • Dog’s over arousal


8. & 9. Copyright & Non-competition clause

Any individual participating in introduction courses, seminars, workshops, training or any other services offered by any Sniff and Trail UK agrees to not conduct/hold/offer such or similar, to the general public or another business or third parties within the Unitied Kingdom.  This includes Sniff and Trail UK courses, seminary, workshops, training events or camps within five years after the event.  ONLY with written consent of Sniff and Trail UK can this agreement be changed 

We reserve the right to refuse training to anyone.


10. Pictures and videos

We record most training session and take photos throughout.  By attending you agree to this, unless specifically declining.  You do not hold permission to share any video of any participant or their dog, without express permission from Sniff and Trail UK.  Any video shared with permission MUST be muted.

Sniff and Trail UK reserve the right to share pictures or videos on their social media accounts or promotional material


11. General

  • For home visits out of location which are agreed, there will be an additional fuel cost on top of the session fee.  For an accurate price please contact us to discuss.
  • Aggression or behaviour including dog aggression MUST be disclosed on booking forms. 
  • Dogs remain the responsibility of owners at all times.
  • It is advisable that you dog is up to date with flea/tick treatments


12. Hosting us

We are available to be hosted for our services.  If you are interested in hosting Sniff and Trail UK at your venue, dog training centre or as part of a group event please get in touch. 

As the host you are responsible for:

  • Venue insurance
  • Risk assessments
  • Admin linked to the event
  • Marketing/filling spaces

A booking payment is due on securing the date.  Full payment is due 10 days prior to the event.  Once payment has been received it is NON REFUNDABLE unless I am unable to attend.  Failure to make full payment within timescale could cause cancellation of the event.  In this instance any loss of income is the hosts responsibility.

During any workshop/training it is the host responsibility for all health and safety risk assessments to be in place. Sniff and Trail UK accept no responsibility for any injuries, loss or damage to attendees or dogs during these events.


Non-Competition Clause

To host any event or training session with Sniff and Trail UK including seminar, workshop, camp, trail or assessment the host afrees not to conduct, replicate or offer such or similar event to the general public or any other business or third parties within the United Kingdom for five years unless with express permission from Sniff and Trail UK.

We reserve the right to refuse training to anyone


Data protection

In accordance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we require permission for

  • Photos/videos
  • Personal data (ie name, address, email, telephone number)

By agreeing to our T&C’s you are allowing permission to this.  At any point you can ask to be removed from our data base.  Please do so via email

Any photos/videos will/can be used by us for advertising or awareness of events. If you do not wish to have these used – please notify us before attending any workshops/classes/events.

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