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Scent Training

Give Your Dog a Job!
Scent work is fun, low impact and mentally challenging for dogs. We can adapt each hide for each dog and help you. Scenting is a natural process for dogs, so we help you teach them the game
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It's Fun for you and your dog

Built on fun, this is a rewarding activity to do with your dog. It takes little equipment and offers endless opportunities. Our sessions include different venues and techniques to ensure your dog is never bored.

What is Scent Work?

If you would like to...
Get into a game you can play anywhere, any time
Work your dogs natural ability and tire them out productively
Develop focus and handling skills which are transferable in their daily life
Offer stimulation and enrichment which satisfies your dog
Scent work is for you!!

Scent work is a low impact sport, which unlike many of the dog sports allows even dogs in rehabilitation or with ongoing medical conditions to attend. There is less pressure and strain on your dogs joints, but it also offers both physical and metal stimulation. The key point is that it is the BEST fun for you both and every search is different !!
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  • Victoria is a brilliant trainer. My dog Harper and I are currently taking a scent work course with Victoria. We have also completed the introduction afternoon of mantrailiing. The training is to a high standard. Victoria is a positive individual, who is experienced and wonderful with both the dogs and their handlers. Highly recommended
  • We absolutely love taking part in mantrailiing with Victoria. She given excellent training and makes everyone and their dogs feel at ease. Most importantly our dogs have the best time! Cant recommend Victoria’s mantrailiing enough for anyone wanting to have a go at this fantastic dog sport, every dog and owner can get involved !
  • We have thoroughly enjoyed our one to one scent work classes with our puppy. He loves the classes and I feel like he progresses really well each week. We would definitely recommend.
  • Cannot rate them highly enough. Did an introduction to mantrailiing with them and they couldn’t have been more accommodating. Explained every step of the way what we were doing, and were able to adapt how to do it to my dogs specific drive. Would not hesitate to recommend.

How do I get started?

Firstly we need the basics. This is introducing your dog to the equipment, chosen odour and starting to work towards getting an indication – which is the dog recognising the scent and alerting you to it. After this, you can join group workshops, 1-1’s and classes either online or in person to gain more knowledge. Each dog is individual so it is impossible to say how quickly your dog will pick it up – but ‘sniffing’ is what they do without thought – we are just putting value and meaning to the game.

What is next?

Following your Introduction Course or 1-1’s, if you love it (which I am sure you will) you can continue either for fun or progress onto trials and competitions.
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Would You Like...
Enhance your relationship with your dog
Build their confidence
Work as part of a team with your dog
Be part of a fun and social activity just for fun or to work up through levels
Well look no further…….. Mantrailing might be for you!
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Our Services

Classes are for small groups. Dogs who attend classes which are indoors may be expected to be worked alongside each other. The information will be given specific to each venue.
These could be longer classes or one off events. Information about the environment for learning will be within each description, so dogs who may be more reactive could also take part (please check the booking specifics).
Events which can offer a competitive element, but dogs are still worked individually – allowing reactive dogs to take part in timed, managed events – check out bookings for these.
Half day or full day sessions focused on specific aspects. These can be hosted via our head trainer Victoria, or guest trainer who comes along to our chosen venue. Times and prices will be depending on location and trainer.
These are suitable for all dogs. We can work individually with each dogs training needs and cater solely for them without distractions. These often work well for clients who struggle with class timings or locations.

Meet Your Trainer

Head trainer, Victoria Hoole, runs Sniff and Trail UK.

Victoria is qualified and registered with :
Mantrailing UK - Instructor & assessor
UK College of Scent Dogs
Scent Work UK - Levels 1-8
City and Guilds Qualified Scent Work Handler and Instructor
UK Sniffer Dogs - Bronze & Silver
Dog Parkour UK
Canine Hoopers UK Instructor
Qualified Play Instructor
In 2022, Victoria is also working toward her Gundog Trainers Academy (GTA) qualification which is accredited by the ABTC. This is force free gun dog training for pet dogs. Keep your eyes peeled – sessions coming soon!!
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Victoria Hoole fell in love with dogs as a child. Pet ownership has since turned into a full time career having chosen to leave her previous role as a Probation Officer and work with dogs full time. In 2017 she opened House of Hound Hydrotherapy having retrained as a Canine Hydrotherapist.

Hosting Us

If you are a dog trainer or Pet Professional and are thinking of hosting Sniff and Trail UK at your venue, please send us a message to see how best we can help you.
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